“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” — Paula Scher

It is important to hire a graphic designer that will work well with you or your buisness, see what people have to say about my work.

“Belicia is a skilled designer who is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone when it comes to designing, communicating, and connecting with her clients. Her consistent, venerable work ethic shows through in her ability meet tight deadlines, design quality content, and to go back to the drawing board as many times as is necessary. Her kind nature and warm personality, paired with her honest demeanor, make her an exemplary employee.”

— Andrews Ferreira (Belicia reported directly to Andrews at ASWWU, The Collegian)

“Belicia Jiao has been a bright force in our Graphic Design program for four years. As a competent designer, she makes excellent design decisions, applying design theory as she works. She uses the appropriate design software like an expert, all the while sharing her knowledge and skills with her colleagues in the design studio. Belicia has been assertive in securing professional design experiences to enhance her academic education and training. Belicia accepts critique well while remaining confident in her own design abilities. She will make a fine employee in an environment that provides ample opportunity to design, both in collaboration and solo.”

— Linda Felipez (Belicia was Linda’s Academic Advisee)

“As a leader, Belicia is organized and very clear with those working under her. In my experience, she always gave achievable goals with fair deadlines. If someone was slacking off, she was there to help them out, assign the work to someone who had time or even take it up herself. Aside from being a leader, she has a beautiful art style that I am completely jealous of and I wish that I could make the process look as effortless and seamless as she does.”

— Nathan Pittenger (Belicia worked with Nathan on the Germany Visitor Guide project)

“Belicia created a wonderful video montage for the YWCA LiNC program. She was a joy to work with and has an excellent eye for the perfect shot. I am pleased with the end result and appreciate her ability to stay on schedule.”

— Beki Buell (Belicia created a video for Beki at YWCA LiNC)