The purpose of this project is to develop and launch the “Pillars Basketball” coaching business. I was in charge of creating their logo, their branding guide, and their website. You can see the website on pillarsbasketball.com

Application(s) used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Pillars Basketball business summary:

Basketball is a centerpiece of the culture in the Portland Adventist community. Development leagues and camps are available as early as 4th grade. Despite its relatively small size, Portland Adventist Academy sends its basketball team to the state tournament almost every year and its alumni to large schools— a feat that only a small handful of Adventist academies in the U.S. are able to do.

As a product of this system, Clark Woodworth developed a deep passion for basketball. He attended Walla Walla University where he was highly regarded by both his peers and professors in the education department and played point guard on the University basketball team. After graduating, Clark began his career teaching kindergarten and coaching middle-school basketball in the Portland Adventist system, receiving rave reviews from his players and their parents.

After recently moving to Loma Linda, Clark plans to leverage his formal education experience, collegiate-level basketball pedigree, years of coaching experience, and passion for basketball to create a basketball development program as a tool to mentor the next generation and to replicate the success of the Portland Adventist system in Southern California.

Bringing a holistic approach to basketball, Clark has identified three pillars on which he plans to build his brand: Mindset, Skill, and Body

  1. Mindset is about developing confidence through work ethic, setting and achieving goals, developing self-awareness, building good habits, leadership development, teamwork, and becoming an effective communicator. Growth in these areas will help players become more effective on and off the court.
  2. Skill is about developing fundamentals, basketball IQ, and advanced, game-relevant moves and movements
  3. Body is about improving athleticism, conditioning, and injury prevention by providing customized workouts to each athlete

Logo design influences:

  • Basketball
  • Pillars
  • Ancient Greece


  • Main: Light/sky blue—North Carolina Tarheels’ color
  • Accent: grey or silver or white


  • URL: Pillarsbasketball.com
  • Features:
  • Welcome page
  • Testimonials from parents and athletes
  • Scheduling/signup/payment


Ideas of pillars + basketball
Exploration of pilllars
Hollowed out "PB" with shape of pillars
More basketball + net or pillar(s)

After the first round of sketches, Clark liked the idea of combining a pillar and a basketball. For an alternate option, I also refined the idea of just pillars

Narrowing it down

These are the 2 options that Clark can choose between, he picked the one with the basketball on it. 


Wecome page
Customer Tersimonials
Sign up page
Payment page

I went into WordPress and built Clark a website, including the pages that he requested, Welcome page, testimonials on the home page, sign up page, about page, and payment page. More here

Branding guide