The purpose of this project is to create a photo montage in photoshop, all images used in this composition were taken by me.

Application(s) used: Adobe Photoshop

I was encouraged to “stretch my imagination to create a whimsical art piece that bends reality by combining multiple scenes and objects to create one cohesive image.” 

Montage: the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate photographs to form a continuous whole

I wanted to create something like a fantasy world, something that is appealing to the eye but also impossible in the real world. I wanted to compile something that includes different things I like. I definitely really wanted the moon to be the main character, it does not have to be but that might be nice. Also combining different kinds of flowers to make a bouquet would be interesting to see.

Mood Board:

Photos I actually used + edits

The moon:

  • remove background
  • adjust lighting

The clouds:

  • remove background
  • tilt image
  • copy and paste image 2 times

The buildings:

  • remove background
  • change perspective 
  • stretch image
  • change hue and saturation

The mountains:

  • remove background
  • tilt
  • pink applied in saturation blend mode

The road:

  • remove background
  • stretch
  • change hue and saturation

The background:

This is not a photo, but it is the last bit that I compiled for the background.

Putting it all together:

Final Product:

Final thoughts:

I liked how this turned out, and to think that I literally created everything in this image is crazy to me. This is definitely something that I strive to do, to say that I created everything in the piece. Similar to my illustrated pieces, I would try and write out the letters instead of using a font.