The purpose of this project is to create a collage using photos I took or people I knew took. First, I removed the backgrounds of the photos of the city, the moon, and a flower. Then, I arranged and multiplied the photos in photoshop. Lastly, I need a “found object” so I crumbled up a piece of paper, scanned it, and imported it. Lastly, I also added paint splatters.

Application(s) used: Adobe Photoshop

About this project:

Select three or more photographs that have a general, overall theme. The images has to be mine, a family member’s or friend’s, no images from the internet. Then select at least one found object such as fabric, paper, aluminum foil, and scan it. Don’t use a photo, it has to be manipulated, and only short phrases. Then compile a collage in photoshop.

Collage: A design or art technique where various objects are gathered and organized, possibly, they are not normally associated with each other. (Keep in mind this is different from the term “montage”)

Theme and elements:

The theme I picked was actually just things I like!

The moon: taking through a telescope at an observatory

The city: Picture I took at home (Hong Kong)

The flower: One of my friend’s took this photo on one of her vacations

The paper: This is my found object, I crumbled a piece of paper and scanned it

Putting it together:

I imported these images into photoshop, took off the backgrounds of all of them. 

Final product: